Pre School - GSBB

Gopal Sharma Blooming Buds (pre-primary wing of GSMS) often called as GSBB, was established in the year June,1999 under the wing of Gopal Sharma Group of Schools.

Gopal Sharma Blooming Buds (GSBB) was a project started with an intention to provide an International Pre-School environment in the early years of the child. We strongly believe that every child has the right to receive education and develop on the required skill sets. We believe that providing the right educational environment plays a key role in enhancing a child’s personality and overall development through discovering the joy of learning, awakening and illuminating their intellect in multi-dimensional ways, and abiding values in them.

GSBB has a well-defined approach and age-appropriate pedagogy which enables the growth of each learner as a unique individual. It provides a blend of today’s technology with hands on learning experience for each learner to develop holistically. Our trained and experienced facilitators provide a stimulating environment with meaningful and enriching interaction with adults and others in the peer group through our different activities to nurture young minds with structured learning.

GSBB has been designed to ensure that each learner carries home an experience after the school. By respecting each learner as an individual and facilitating space to help them grow through different experiential learning, sets us apart. Keeping in mind the needs of the learners, GSBB has been designed with an ample space, natural light and safety of young learners. It has a designated floor spread with a total area of almost 1200 sq mt., providing 20 classrooms with different activity rooms such as mini auditorium, wellness room, dance room, music room and art and craft room with an intake of more than 1000 students.

We provide children a platform to quality education and monitor their continuous progress. Our expert team of facilitators focuses on the quality education by involving activities and quality checks on the various programmes.


  • Fully airconditioned classrooms
  • Interactive smartboard
  • Wellness room with a stationed nurse
  • Mini Auditorium with projector
  • Art and Craft Room
  • Music and Movement Room
  • Huge Soft Play area
  • Sports Turf ground
  • Day care
  • Fleet of buses 
  • Trained and experienced teachers and staff
  • Reinforcement of concepts through Morning Assembly, Excursion, Incursion, Festivals, Waterplay, Exhibitions and several other enrichment programmes
  • Smooth transfer to ICSE/SSC Boards
  • Workshops for facilitators and parents

 GSBB offers different levels starting from 3 years:

  • Nursery
  • Junior Kg
  • Senior kg
  • Day care

Theme Based Classroom




International Standard


Mini Auditorium